My Story


I grew up in a very creative and supportive family, my path into the arts formed early. 

My art making journey began as I learned a variety of artistic skills with which to pack into my creative tool kit, a widely ranged palette that I still use every day. I  studied fine art in college and then university from 1981-1986 and that became my foundation focusing on drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. After the educational years I was determined to become a self-employed artist, one idea led to another and during that time until I discovered the art of lost wax casting during a silversmithing class, I was hooked, it would be the beginning of the direction my art making would take. 

In my early thirties, I moved to Vancouver from Edmonton, determined to become a self employed metalsmith artist.  During that time in 1992, I met Marshall Mar, who was an established artist and goldsmith who became my love and life partner.

We moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1996 to the property we bought together to build our dreams and workshop/studio and home.  

Earthly Creature Designs was born, becoming my collection of nature-inspired pewter and bronze sculptures.

For many years I traveled the country extensively selling at art fairs but eventually, I longed to stay closer to home and open a brick-and-mortar business. Copper Sky Gallery and Cafe was established, located in center our our small village of  Madeira Park, and for 8 years it was the thriving hub of our small coastal community. At the height of our cafe and gallery success, we sold it and returned to be full-time artists.

Earthly Creatures Designs grew in sales and popularity through my Etsy online shop which I sold my designs all over the world.

I've have now retired the pewter sculpture line of my designs to focus exclusively on my silver and gold lost wax jewelry and the journey continues...