Copy of My story

My art-making journey began young and in the family, focused on school and learning. Mom was an artist and Dad a professional photographer, all my sisters were all great artists both musically and in visual arts. When I was 14, I attended community classes in painting and metal-smithing to make myself some silver jewelry, I loved it.

Throughout my life, I always wanted to learn, acquire knowledge about art and the creative process. I studied many forms of art, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture. I went to college and then university to study fine arts. I was determined to be a self-employed artist after I graduated and revisited a few choices. One idea leads to another and when I discovered the art of lost wax casting I was hooked, it was the direction I was going.

I repeated my metal-smith classes with the same core group over 5 years to access the equipment and the knowledge. They acquired casting equipment and I bought my first wax ring form. I made a lovely recycled gold ring for my Mom that she never took off. After that I never bought another pre-made wax form after that, I was going to create my designs.

In my early thirties, determined to be a jewellery artist I moved to Vancouver from Edmonton. Sharing a tiny studio with a student from Emily Carr (who had a flex shaft hand drill, I had a polisher). I began selling my designs through a shop on Robson Street in Vancouver and another trendy retail store downtown Edmonton, I was amazed that people were buying them.

During 1993, I needed help with a commissioned piece with setting a small faceted diamonds. Marshall an established metal artist and goldsmith came to assist. He set the stones and our future together. Our vision was to live on the Sunshine Coast. After extensive searching, acreage was found and within two years, we were on the Coast living in a mobile home and a studio built from recycled materials. This is where and when the first Dragonfly brooch was created, the first and hallmark piece of Earthly Creature Designs. ECD evolved; a full, rich collection inspired by nature’s treasures of our coastal paradise.

Time to work at marketing and sales. I travelled the country extensively retailing at fairs and markets. Exhausting, too much travelling. Time to develop business close to home. Copper Sky Gallery and Cafe in downtown Madeira Park was built in just 6 weeks. For 8 years it was the thriving hub of the community, well known to artists and extremely popular with locals and visitors. At the height of our success, it was time to sell and return to the home studio. 

Earthly Creatures Designs have grown in sales and popularity through online marketing. My sculptures, jewelry in pewter are established and sought after. Now I am creating fresh art with precious metals and jewels, as I revisit my art practices, gathered over the years. I have come full circle or a spiral, one full of knowledge and time spent still perfecting my art and craft.

My journey continues as I step up to new and challenging creations, fine art sculpture and jewellery. Life as an artist for me has always been about continuing the spiral journey of creating my unique vision.